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(JULY 27, 2014) NEW RICHMOND, WI - VLR purse and prize info has been updated for this Sunday's 100 lap, $200 to win race! The purse is now up to $325 with the addition of another sponsor, Proctor Enterprises. Below is a rundown of the current prizes up for grabs. If you or your company would like to donate prize money for the race, please send donations to vlracing@hotmail.com and note what you would like the donation to be for and the company/person name you would like included.

Purse: $325 + Non-monetary prizes

Winner: $200 from "Smallz Racing"

2nd: $40 from Kyle Merkel Racing

3rd: $20 from www.teamvlr.com

4th: $20 from www.teamvlr.com

5th: $20 from www.teamvlr.com

<NEW!> FAST QUALIFIER AWARD: $25 from Proctor Enterprises and Tony Velez.

BMS Editing Hard Charger Award: Awarded to the driver who advances the most positions in the A Main. Winner of this award receives a FREE track or car skin from BMS Editing. BMS Editing is the group responsible for creating the track VLR is using for their opener, Cedar Lake Speedway.

BMS Editing Rookie Challenge Award: This award is given by BMS Editing to the six (6) highest finishing rookies in the VLR Season Opening $200 to win race this Sunday. The prize will be a boxed copy of Dirt Track Racing 2 to the six highest finishers making their first VLR start.

The Track VLR is using for this race is the Cedar Lake Speedway 2015 and is now up for download at www.teamvlr.com.

The chassis is the Gen 5 Late Models, due to the close racing they provide and short learning curve.


So looks good! Now...what happens if people decide they are going to race extra rough to do all they can to make the show/win the race. Well, for one if you wreck someone in the heats or B, they are most likely going to get your spot if it's determined you are at fault.

If you wreck someone in the A Main, that driver will get your prize money.

The goal in this race is to have fun, but race clean and hard for a chance at the win. This will be a chance to prove you can beat the best of the best. Nerves will be high for this race I'm sure, as the competition should be very stout.

Another thing, if you are new or newer to VLR race's and trying to make a name for yourself...do not try to bang your way through the field to make the feature and impress people. The top drivers will be more impressed by someone who shows patience, and races clean. A lot of people can make themselves good or bad reputations at this race by how they race against some of the veterans of the game.

If you are new to the series, there is going to be little tolerance towards aggressive driving to get to the front. We will strictly enforce clean racing in this event. 

If you make the A Main, congratulations! You have a good shot at earning money/prizes. Just do it the right way. We will take the top 5 replays after the A Main and examine them closely. If the winner can not provide his/her replay, they will not be awarded the victory. We will post unofficial results after the race, watch the replays, and then post the official results after we make sure nobody is cheating / penalized for rough driving.

If you are caught cheating, you will get 0 points for the event, and 0 winnings. Everyone behind you bumps up a position and the money will then be distributed as such.

We will meet in VLR's ventrilo, which info's listed on the DTR2 Ventrilo Page under the Community tab. VLR's Ventrilo holds 50 people. If we somehow got more than 50 cars, you would need to go to BLS Ventrilo and we will add you into the lineups.

QUALIFYING WILL START AT 8:30 PM EASTERN SHARP. Please be in Ventrilo sooner than 8:30pm eastern for qualifying. Heat races will follow qualifying and begin at approximately 9PM Eastern or immediately following qualifying.


LASALLE, ILL. (July 8, 2014) - It was a big night in DTR2 tonight, as four league races were on tap for the night. The first two races of the night were at the SDC League with twin features in the BLS Modified Cars at the Dirt Track at Charlotte in their season finale. BLS_18 continued his hot month of July and remained undefeated in DTR2 by sweeping both features to move to 8 of 8 for the month on wins.

The second league race of the night took place at LaSalle Speedway in Illinois in the UMP Hell Late Models where BLS_18 looked to continue his impressive winning streak.

However, the #0 car of VLR_Shock was making his first league appearance of the night and had his sights set on ending the streak 18 had going (which included winning five league races in one night to open the month).

The heat featured a couple of underdogs finishing in the top two, though, with Pennsylvania driver Geisler taking the top spot, followed by New York's BMS_Ray. BLS_18 secured a third place starting spot in the A Main with his finish, and he was followed by JFR_97 and VLR_Shock in the top 5.

When the green flag dropped for the 30 lap A Main, it was Geisler jumping out to lead the field. BLS_18 quickly worked his way into second position, but VLR_Shock utilized soft tires to quickly move past 18 after starting fifth. The question now was if Shock's tires would hold up long enough to get him to the front and a win to end the streak.

By lap five Shock had moved into the top spot and immediately began stretching his lead. At one point the lead was over three seconds, and BLS_18 had worked his way to second. The Wisconsin driver was unable to gain much time before the end of the race and had to settle for his worst finish of the month (2nd), behind a determined VLR_Shock.

"That was awesome!" exclaimed the Tennessee driver following the race. "It feels like nobody has beat Wheel (BLS_18) in a year or two so I really wanted this one and actually got a little practice in to try to beat him. So this was a big win for me and I'm glad I picked the right tires for this one."

BLS_18 was impressed as well with VLR_Shocks 2.2 second win, but was wishing he had ten more laps. "I moved over for him early in the race thinking he was on soft tires and expecting to blow past him at the end of the race, but he held on a lot better than I thought. Ten more laps and it might have got interesting but who knows."

BLS_BW43 worked his way up to third after starting last, and he was followed by pole sitter Geisler, who rounded out the top five. Next week HTL is back in action in the state of Illinois as the tour visits Highland 2k12 for more short track action! Stay tuned for more details for VLR's new 10th anniversary series starting July 27th in a $200 to win race!


KNOXVILLE, IOWA (June 29, 2014)- The UMP Summer Hell Tour was back in action last night at the Knoxville Raceway. The racing was very exciting as VLR_Shock jumped out to an early lead after starting fifth, while trying to build a big lead before his soft tires faded. The Tennessee driver stretched out to a 1.7 second lead over Doit 10, who worked his way by outside pole sitter BLS_18 for second.

However, When the 0 machine of Shock's tires began to fade, they went quickly. After taking over the lead on lap 3, Shock built a big lead early, but by lap 26 he had lost the lead to Doit 10's much harder compound. Shock began dropping positions virtually every lap and by the time the race was over at lap 40 he had faltered to six due to his tires fading.

Up front however, Doit 10 was feeling pressure again from BLS_18 for the lead. The lap car of Jok3r made things interesting with just 7 laps to go. Jok3r drifted up into the high line where the leaders was running and Doit 10 made contact with the rear of the slower car. The contact slowed down 10 just enough for BLS_18 to suck up to his rear bumper, and the race was on.

The two veteran drivers changed the lead several times over the last few laps, and coming to the white flag it was BLS_18 who had the top spot by two car lengths. Doit 10 had a strong final lap and drove his car deep into turn four to make a final charge, but at the line BLS_18 was able to edge Doit 10 by less than a car length in a thrilling finish that had the fans on their feet.

This is the last race for this series, but VLR is making plans to start their 10th Anniversary tour in July and will likely either run the UMP Hell Chassis or the Gen 5 Late Model Chassis, or possibly a new chassis with the strong tire wear that the UMP Hell Cars have. Opinions are welcome, however. VLR was founded on July 30, 2004 and enters their tenth year of league racing in August.

Knoxville Raceway Results
Date: June 29, 2014
Chassis: UMP Hell Late Models
League: Unsanctioned
Margin of Victory: 0.11
Fast Lap: VLR_Shock 13.24

TOP 10
Name / Location
1. BLS_18 / Brookfield, Wisconsin
2. Doit 10 / Fort Worth, Texas
3. BLS_BW / Sparta, Michigan
4. BLS_B45 / Coshocton, Ohio
5. BMS / Lyons, New York
6. VLR_Shock / Crossville, Tennessee
7. XCR_TM / Mexico, New York
8. J-Mac / Amsterdam, New York
9. Jok3r / 
10. WFO_Ranger / Erie, Pennsylvania

Next VLR Race Info:

Race #: 2 of 12
Date: 8/3/14, 8:30pm et, 7:30 ct
Track: Lucas Oil 2015
Laps: 60

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