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"My God, it's full of stars"

Huge congratulations to EVR_MuDtHaNg and EVR_BlackJack as they both won a MARS Twin25 at WoW SuperDirt Speedway this past Monday night. Leading perhaps the fastest 8-car field in recent memory inwhich 7 of the 8 racers were EVR drivers, both Mud and BJ won individual Gold in convincing style. It was Mudthang's 5th Freaky Fall win in 8 A-Main appearances this season and BJ's first victory of the year.

WoW SuperDirt was a razor-quick 1/2 miler that boiled down to just one thing---can ya hold turns 3 & 4? And, both Mud and BJ hugged those two corners like a sailor home on leave with his best girl. In the Dash 4 Cash, EVR_5rf clocked in a mind blowing sub 12 second lap - 11.927185. In A-Main #1, Mudthang clocked a Hotlap of 12 seconds-flat and BJ timed in with a super fine 12.03 in Feature #2. Once both drivers got the lead, they simply dominated their respective fields with Mudthang winning his race by 1.5 seconds and BJ won his race by just over 2 seconds.

Special congrats go out to EVR_Matt_F7 and EVR_Mint for making The Show in their first MARS race after being elected into the EVRMSG. It was Matt's 5th A-Main appearance this season and Mint's second.


For the first time this season, 3 drivers from each of 2 heats would advance to The Show. In Heat #1, Mudthang led EVR_5rf and MoFo Domn8r to the finishlineas all three racers continued on to the Main Event. Heat #2 saw BlackJack, Matt_F7 and Mint finish in that order and they also all moved on to the A-Main. On lap 3 of this race, EVR_Perd wreaked MoFoTJ prohibiting him from competing for a top spot. It is noted that TJ took this unnecessary lump without complaint. My bad, bro!!!


There was only one D-Main run Monday night and that went to EVR_Crippler and then EVR_Shadow32 with both racers qualifying. The Crippler led this D-Main wire-to-wire while Shadow32 ran a strong race from his 5th starting position with some great cornering and nailed down his fourth straight spot in an A-Main and fifth overall. It was also Crip's fourth A-Main final of the season.


B-Main Twin25 #1 was won in convincing fashion by MoFoTJ as he bested HISIDE. Terry Joe ran a strong and consistent race from beginning to end and was never threatened. EVR_Perd took home a win in the second B-Main with a little help from TJ and HISIDE who battled each other door-to-door for several opening laps and gave Perd the racing room he needed to stay in front. HISIDE ran the fastest Hotlap of the B-Mains with a very quick 12.02 while Perd added a 12.05.


***It is with regret that I was missing several replays from the WoW racing and A-Main #1 was one of them. Guys, piz piz, send those replays! Inquiring minds need to know!!

Starting order for WoW SDS A-Main Twin25 #1:

1. Mudthang 2. 5rf
3. BlackJack 4. Domn8r
5. Matt_F7 6. Mint
7. Crippler 8. Shadow32

With no replay of the first Twin25 to guide me, I can only report the results. And the result of this race was EVR_Mudthang collecting his fifth Freaky Fall title and another Kleen Sweep Award. It was an impressive win for the MARS point leader considering the field of racers that he had to out run. EVR_5rf took second behind the Mudthang and also clocked in the fastest lap of both A-Mains with a super quick time of 12.00.

Final race order of A-Main Twin25 #1

EVR_Mudthang FL 12.02 'TRT' 5:03.96


A-Main Twin25 #2

In the second Twin25, Shadow32 moved out effortlessly to the lead from the Pole. EVR_Mint, starting from his 3rd position, got a door under EVR_Crippler who had started 2nd and kept the the DTR2 speedster pinned to the outside line for wat must have felt like an eternity to him.. By lap 5, Mint, BlackJack and MoFo Dom had all followed the dots under him and then past him.

Mints' car was handling perfectly in the turns and eased into 2nd just behind Shadow32. The newest EVR racer held that position until BlackJack took it away from him with a nice no-touch pass on lap 5. The Cincinnati Comet then took dead aim on the leader, Shadow32. But, The Boss would have nothing of it. Hooked up and dialed in, Shadow held BJ off for 12 laps until BlackJacks' superior cornering took over.

According to BlackJack, " I felt that I was little faster in 3 & 4 then he was, so I set up right behind him and waited for the next time he went a little high coming out of #4. "It sure feels good winning a race against fast guys like this".

Shadow tried to re-pass BlackJack in the next corner but he ran out of dirt in Turn 1 and BJ kept the lead. BlackJack was just to good this night as he continued to bank those 3/100ths of a second per-lap advantages until Shadow32 could no longer challenge him for the lead.

As bad luck would have it, the most serious incident of the evening came on the last turn of the last lap when both Shadow and MoFo Dom appeared to get squirrelly at the same time. While Shadow32 was trying to straighten his wheels, Dom caught a wheel in the grass and his car knee-jerked up the track and wiped out #32. Shadow went to the infield and Dom did a Ryan Newman at Daytona down the frontstretch. Mudthang, who was following in 3rd, miraculously went right between both wrecks to finish the race in secondplace while EVR_Mint nipped the tumbling MoFo Dom at the Line by 1/10 of a sec.

As Shadow32 later explained, " I have not seen the replay yet, but from the drivers' seat, I barrelled into turn 3 low like I normally do and I felt the tail of my car take an abrupt right when the front of the car was still turning left. Right before the car got tail happy I did hear a slight bump on my drivers door. After that, the guardrail decided that the paint on my car was some sorta scratch and sniff variety. When I opened my eyes again, I was looking the wrong way into turn 4, so I jammed it in reverse and finished the race".

EVR_BlackJack had no such probs on this night as he finished the race better that 2 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. It was BJ's first A-Main win of the Freaky Fall season.

Final race order for the WoW SDS Twin25 #2.

EVR_BlackJack FL 12.05 'TRT' 5:05.72

Mudthang---Mint---Shadow32---Crippler---Matt_F7---MoFo Dom---5rf


A-Main Final races---Start position vs. Finish position

Start - Finish - Averages
Fin-> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 AVG

1st -> 8 - 1 1 - - - - 1.5
2nd -> - 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 4.8
3rd -> - 1 4 1 2 1 - 1 4.2
4th -> 1 - 1 3 3 2 - 1 5.1
5th -> 1 2 - 2 2 1 2 - 3.9
6th -> - 2 - - 1 1 3 3 6.0
7th -> - 2 - 1 2 1 2 2 5.4
8th -> - 1 2 4 - 3 2 1 4.8

Average Finish from inside row....3.7 Average finish from outside row...5.2

Next up is Greenbelt Speedway--I have no clue how to attack this racetrack. There are strong bumps in the corners and a subtle bump down the frontstretch. A lot of drivers are getting around this track just fine, but I am not--so, I have no helpful tips to offer here.. Good luck to all....

That's it for now guys, cya at Greenbelt.....

EVR_Perd - Official EVRacing Roving Reporter

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