Written by Katie Dugas of Pit Pass

KNOXVILLE, IA (August 15, 2019) – The boys of the Schaffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series got to pump the brakes a little tonight, when they made their final stop for the season in Knoxville. Not only will we see who will be king of the hill on track, but also who has proved themselves all season. After James Edens failed to show last week, Alex Bergeron was able to overtake him in the point contention, and give our third place driver, Bakersfield, CA’s JD Brown a chance to throw his name in the ring as well.

Hayden Cardwell, winner of the past two weeks, dominated the speed charts in practice with a 19.466. Behind him was Blake Matjoulis with a 19.473 and third fastest was that Swindell Speedlabs boy, none other than Kendal Tucker with a 19.534.

After qualifying, our speed charts will be thrown into the blender and set on frappe, after Shane James throws down a 20.123 lap time to become your new top dog.

Heat one will be the most action packed tonight, as back-to-back feature winner Hayden Cardwell goes for a wild spin in turn one ending his heat race early. Taking the gold for the first heat will be the number 3 of Shane James, followed by Jordan Casey, and JD Brown taking the bronze.

Heat two, and by no surprise, the number 80 of Dylan Wilson will run away with the win, followed by (who is projected to be your Champion) Alex Bergeron, and Jeremy Capron.

Twenty one drivers. Thirty five laps. One Driver to win. One Champion to crown.

Your pole sitter will be the number three of Shane James, to his outside, Dylan Wilson, followed by the one and only, Jordan Casey, Alex Bergeron, JD Brown, Jeremy Capron, James Edens, the Swindell Spokes boy, Kendal Tucker, and America’s Sweetheart, Howard Weaver will be sitting in ninth on the start.

Tenth will be one of the fastest cars in practice, Blake Matjoulis, followed by Dylan Thomas, Garrett Niebruegge, Cole Harvey in thirteenth, and Jacob Fields will hold tight in the 007 on row 7. Fifteenth will be Blake “the other” Brown, Dylan Houser, Darren Literal, DJ Kilanowski, Randall Carter, Tristan Carman, and rounding out our field is the man who has been hard on the broom, sweeping up wins all season, Hayden Cardwell.

Thirty five laps, and one driver will take off like a rocket when the green flag drops. That driver is Shane James, and he appears to be the man to beat at least for now. Right behind him, Wilson and Bergeron will be side by side. Bergeron can taste that championship, and all he needs to do is hold off James Edens for thirty four laps.

If Edens can finish three positions in front of Bergeron, he will overtake the number 12 and drive off with the Championship! Now Edens and Bergeron will be side by side for third, and Bergeron will come out victorious in this battle.

Lurking behind them is JD Brown…not the man they want to see that close, ticking off laps, with him being third in the points battle. The number 42 of Jordan Casey is in a tight battle with the 80 of Dylan Wilson. Wilson took the checkered in heat race number two, and I’d be willing to bet money he isn’t content with just winning the heat.

Bergeron is close on his bumper, and this could be disastrous for Alex if Edens can get in front of him or a careless caution to emerge in front of them. Looking back mid field, Kendal Tucker is giving Howard Weaver all he can handle while battling for the number seven spot.

The Top Groove Crew is just cruising along the top side of the track, with drivers like Blake Matjoulis. The number 37 of TJ Carter will set it on spin cycle and fall way back, but will not bring out the caution nine laps into the 35 lap race.

The HRE Machine of James will be out front looking pretty, while the rest of the field is stirring up a dust bowl on track, and Kid Excitement, Jordan Casey may have something for the number three as he is steady gaining ground on our leader. Dylan Wilson and Alex Bergeron are fighting hard behind the leaders, and trying to hold off Edens, who is close behind. The D1RT driver, Hayden Cardwell is now in fourteenth after a terrible heat race and start, and is trying to fight off Elite7 driver Jacob Fields.

No Dust, no problem for our leader, Shane James as he slings the cleanest car on the race track right around the high side. Sixteen laps in the books, caution flag will fly as Darren Literall will take a spin. We are back racing, Shane James is on the bottom, and Wilson in the D1RT mod is outside, holding off Jordan Casey, JD Brown and Kendall Tucker.

Side by side for the lead, James and Wilson will fight hard, and it will be Wilson at the line to take the lead! Now, let’s see if JD Brown can hold off Tucker, after he makes a phenomenal pass on his teammate. Look out Hayden Cardwell is on the move, now in sixth after starting scratch on the field. Lap twenty one, Wilson is still your leader, with James in a close second, JD Brown in third, Tucker, Casey and Cardwell trying everything they possibly can to advance on the pack. Alex Bergeron has dropped back to eighth and Edens has come across a stroke of bad luck sitting in lucky number thirteenth after receiving an early race EOL penalty.

Eleven more trips around, the track is nothing but a cloud of dust, and America’s Sweetheart, Weaver, will decide to cut a doughnut on track, and dunk him all the way back to the thirteenth spot. Ten laps to go, Wilson takes the bottom, James up high…Tucker now side by side with James, and the 00 will now be sitting in second…and the yellow is out again, after not completing a lap, as the 23 of Capron makes contact with Carter, Fields, and Thomas as well as a few others causing a major stack up.

Sitting on G, Waiting on O is our leader Dylan Wilson riding the low line. Tucker up top, Casey peeking in third, ten more times around. The number 80 will be fast off the line, Tucker is now side by side with Casey, lots of bumping and banging mid field, Cardwell will take it from the midline to the wall (in my best Lil Jon voice), only to collect one of the fastest cars all night, being Shane James.

We’ve finally made it to the single digits, eight more laps as Wilson leads off Tucker, Casey, Brown and Bergeron. Wilson is off to a commanding lead, Tucker slams hard into the outside wall, Casey skates along the bottom, and OH NO! Tucker gets back into the wall hard, dropping him all the way to fourteenth! Caution flag will wave again, as there is a huge caution in the back of the field, taking out some big names.

Seven laps, single file restart, Wilson will lead us off, Casey drops it like it’s hot, along with Bergeron, Bergeron with the change up and try the high side alongside Casey, five to go and D1RT is still your headliner out front. Well the season is over, and apparently so is the talent level, according to our announcer, as we have yet another huge pileup in the back, involving Weaver, Carman, and Kilanowski and several other big names.

Final single file restart of the night, and Dylan Wilson will lead off the Brown Boys, being Blake Brown in second, JD Brown in third, and Alex Bergeron in fourth. Five more times, twenty left turns, can Wilson hold on?

GREEN FLAG… WE ARE RACING! Wilson will lick the stamp and send it! Blake Brown on the bottom, JD Brown up high, Bergeron now side by side with Brown, Edens will peek a boo, but quickly get that door slammed in his face. Clicked down to four laps to go, Edens will trade some paint with the 007 of Fields, but this will have no effect on the leaders, as Wilson brings us around to the white flag!

AFTER FOUR MORE TIMES AROUND…the number 80 of Dylan Wilson will grab the final checkered flag of the season here at Knoxville. Sliding into a smooth second will be Blake Brown, his best career SOMTS finish; third will be JD Brown…But the man of the night will finish in fourth, Alex Bergeron will hold on to his points lead, and overtake James Edens by a narrow margin of only four points.

Congratulations to Dylan Wilson on the win, and Alex Bergeron on your new title, Champion of the Schaffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series for 2019.

I can honestly say, I’ve had such a blast being able to be your post race reporter, and will be counting down the days until the boys are back in town, to crank out another amazing season. Thank yall again for having me, and until next time… Thank You and Goodnight!

Final Points Standing-

1. Alex Bergeron 926 Points

2. James Edgens 922 Points

3. JD Brown 906 Points

4. Howard Weaver 856 Points

5. DJ Kilanowski 844 Points

6. Randall Carter 802 Points

7. Blake Brown 796 Points

8. Jeremy Capron 788 Points

9. Cole Harvey 786 Points

10. Shane James 754 Points