Officials from the Modified Touring Series unveiled next years tentative schedule as it highlights a $1500 points purse for the 2019 SDMTS series drivers. Other changes for the SDMTS is that the series will now become a sanctioned Team VLR series.

In just the second season for the Stars in Cars in Sim Dirt Modified Racing, the series expands from a 14 week schedule to 22 grueling weeks while featuring some of the top dirt tracks in the country. The series champion will pocket a five-hundred dollar payday in his/her efforts throughout the season while the runner-up will receive two-hundred and fifty dollars. Series promoter Trevor Brownlee commented on the added purse for the upcoming season. “I have always had this vision for sim racing to become a option for drivers and fans within the sport. I believe that adding a respectable purse will help retain and create interest for the series.” Third place will pocket one-hundred and fifty dollars, while fourth place will pay one-hundred and twenty-five dollars in the final standings. Only a handful on of sim dirt racing series pay a respectable one-hundred dollars to the champion, but that is what the 5 place finisher in the series standings will take home. Sixth through tenth will receive $90, $80, $70, $60 and $50 respectably.

2018 SDMTS Champion Howard Weaver


As the Modified Touring Series rolls into season 2, it has partnered with Team VLR to become a sanctioned VLR Series. The SDMTS will now be managed and operated by Team VLR and will mark a new beginning for the series as the two merge. This merger will allow the shared use of admins and community reach to help grow both into the leader of online dirt racing!

A constant from the inaugural season of the SDMTS will be the time slot for which the series is ran. As season one of the Modified Touring Series found success in running the series on Thursday’s nights as qualifying would began at 07:30 CST. The Series will continue to utilize this time slot for the foreseeable future.

The series will continue to use the format that was altered mid season last year for the 2019 SDMTS. A mandatory drivers meeting will be set to began at 07:25 CST followed by a 5 minute qualifying session. Heat races will be a ten lap, ten car heat race. The top four from each heat will advance to the A Main while the rest of the field will run through the C and B Mains. C Mains will be a 10 car, fifteen lap event as the top 5 finishers in the race will advance to the B Main. B Mains will set the remaining field for the feature. The 18 Lap event will feature 13 Cars as the top 8 transfer to the 50 lap A main event.

While the stakes are higher the series will head in a different direction for its field of cars for the Modified Touring Series. Unlike the last season, where the series allowed everyone to participate. The SDMTS will turn to and invite/qualifying series for the 2019 season. The series will invite 15 drivers to run the 2019 season. These invites are based on performance from official and other notable series within iRacing Service. These drivers will be announce over the next 2 weeks and will have to accept the invitation within 48 hours of receiving it. Invitations will be announced on the Facebook page and should be accepted via Facebook. Drivers that do not accept the invitation within the allotted amount of time will forfeit their invitation spot to another invitation chosen by SDMTS Officials.

Series Promoter Trevor Brownlee turning laps at Williams Grove in the 2018 Jackpot Modified Series


After 15 Drivers have been invited and accepted for the 2019 season. The Modified Touring Series will hold a qualifying series. The maximum number of drivers to receive a spot in from the qualifying series for the 2019 Modified will be 20. The SDMTS plans to run 2 qualifying series where drivers must register for before the start of the series January 10th. There will be no late entries for the series and will take place on alternating weeks. Qualifying series one will start on January 10th, followed by qualifying series two on January 17th. The two series will consist of four races each competed for over 8 weeks. The top 10 in points will be added to the 2019 SDMTS Driver Roster and given the option to compete for the 2019 SDMTS Championship. After the 35 Driver field is set, officials will take to Facebook for a fan vote allowing for a total of 37 drivers on the driver roster.

During an interview Trevor Brownlee stated “I am looking forward to the opportunity for the series to grow and truly become something special. With the invite and qualifying series implemented for the series we are looking to gather the best 37 drivers in the Dirt Modified’s on iRacing. We discussed a full invite only series for the 2019 season, but determined that singling out 30 plus drivers would be a daunting task for officials. We decided that inviting 15 of the best drivers and then allowing the rest of the field to be set by driver ability from qualifying series would be the best option.” Brownlee went on to say “While some people might be upset with the direction the series is going in. I believe this will yield the best results for both drivers and fans. Being able to trim the field to the best drivers available is something every series wants to do. What better way to do it than invites and qualifying series?”

Entry fee for the 2019 Modified Touring Series will start out at 30 dollars for drivers that did not receive an invite. Drivers that received an invite to the series will be 20 Dollars for the entire series. The SDMTS is looking forward to bring the best action on track to fans and drivers of sim racing. While there might not be as big of a following as real life racing. The Series believes that sim racing is on the rise and will be a treat to real life competition in the near future.

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