(March 4, 2019) – Monday morning, officials from Victory Lane Racing LLC, and the Sim Dirt Modified Touring Series announced that Schaeffer’s Oil will be the title sponsor of the series for 2019. The series will now be known as the Schaeffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series (SOMTS). This comes just weeks after the announcement that Schaeffer’s Oil would be sponsoring the 2019 Spring Fling presented by VLR.
The Schaeffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series is a place competitors in the Dirt UMP Modifieds on iRacing compete for a championship against the toughest competition on the service. “The series has grown in a way that I didn’t expect it would when we started this deal last year.” stated Trevor Brownlee, Competition Director for the series. “I am excited to see what the future has in hold for the series and look to expand it in the future and continue to push the boundaries of eSports and Sim Racing. With Schaeffer’s Oil on board and strengthening their support of VLR and sim racing, it only increases the excitement we have for the upcoming season.”
March 14th, 2019 will see a return of cars back on track as the Schaeffer’s Oil Qualifying Series A will begin their four week campaign. March 21st will play host to Schaeffer’s Oil Qualifying Series B as the two series will alternate the over next 8 weeks. The top 10 drivers from each series will be afforded the opportunity to join the drivers locked in from invites that were announced back in December.
2018 Series Champion Howard Weaver stated “I am excited to run in this year’s Schaeffer’s Oil Modified touring series. We had a lot of success last season and I’m hoping we can put it together again and come out on top. It’s really awesome to see Schaeffer’s Oil come on board as well and all the support they’ve shown VLR and the SOMTS series and it’s great having a company behind us that supports real and sim racing alike.”
The series remains devoted to developing and producing the highest level of competition for both the drivers and fans of the sport. With the evolution of sim racing and the presence of eSports, we look forward to new opportunities and are exhilarated for the upcoming season!
For more information regarding the 2019 Schaeffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series visit us at teamvlr.com.
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