Written By: Katie Dugas of Pit Pass

August 8, 2019 (CONCORD, NC) – Some of the biggest names in dirt racing unloaded tonight at the Dirt Track at Charlotte with only one more stop left for the series next week at Knoxville.

During practice, last week’s winner, Hayden Cardwell, dominated the speed charts, followed by the thirteen of DJ Kilanowski and the number three of Shane James. With qualifying rolling around, the double zero of Kendal Tucker will take the top spot with a 16.410, followed by Blake Brown and Jordan Casey.

Heat one will be swept by the fastest car of the night, Kendal Tucker, over Shane James and our second place points driver Alex Bergeron

Heat two will be dominated by JD Brown, Shad Prescott and Blake Brown.

Our final heat of the night will be taken by Hayden Cardwell, with a followed by a hard charging Howard Weaver, who started fifth. Jordan Casey rounded out the top three.

Coming into tonight, James Edens, is your points leader over Alex Bergeron and JD Brown. As our drivers will get ready to take the grid, our points leader is nowhere in sight, which brings the question to mind, Will Bergeron or Brown be king of the points after our race tonight?

Kendal Tucker will be our pole sitter tonight, to the outside of him is JD Brown. Hayden Cardwell, Shad Prescott, Howard Weaver, Alex Bergeron, Blake Brown, Jordan Casey, and DJ Kilanowski will round out your top ten A Main Starters. Starting in eleventh will be Jarett Murphy, followed by Cole Harvey, Dylan Wilson, Blake Cannon, Ryan Martin, TJ Carter, Tristan Carman, Jeremy Capron, Dylan Thomas, Kevin Dedmon and Garrett Niebruegge rounding out our field.

Thirty five laps. Twenty one drivers. Only one winner.

The Iracing pace truck will lead us to the green flag, the double zero of Tucker will lick the stamp and send it! Looking up to the high line is Hayden Cardwell and JD Brown will drop to the low side coming back to the flag stand, they’ll be three wide for the lead already.

The Swindell Speed labs team and the D1RT machine will be all over each other, but keep it green for the next few trips around. Lap five, there’s a lot of contact between Casey and James, and three wide racing will send the infamous Howard Weaver hard into the outside wall. After only seven trips around the track, the number three of Dylan Thomas will slide hard into the number twenty two of Dedmon, bringing out our first caution. Better to arrive late, than not to arrive at all, Blake Cannon will take the track, getting the wave around under the yellow flag run.

After seven laps of racing, Cardwell has now taken over the lead, followed by Tucker and Prescott. With no sign of James Edens, this is a huge opportunity for Bergeron and Brown to make some serious ground up in the points chaseLap ten we see our second caution when the 74b of Blake Brown is taken out when Niebruegge takes a trip sliding up the track.

Your leader is still Hayden Cardwell, followed close by Tucker, Prescott and Bergeron. Green flag is out, as Cardwell is hard on the loud pedal, Tucker will be peeking in the rearview, with three wide action for forth by Bergeron, Prescott and Wilson. Watching the high side, the cars look as if they’re riding through a corn field, bouncing all over the racetrack.

Alex Bergeron will get sideways, losing a ton of momentum, allowing Wilson to grab his position. Shane James will dip into his comfort zone, dropping way down the track, trying to make something happen, as we go four wide with Prescott, James and Bergeron, yet again. Tucker suddenly found some magic and takes back over the number one spot, and the #80D car of Wilson will be trying to throw his name into the mix as well. Lap eighteen of thirty five, Shane James is on the move, but this is nothing when you glance back up at our leaders.

SLIDE JOB, SLIDE JOB! As Cardwell will work his way back to the lead, Tucker will cross back over, Cardwell has a little too much bite, slamming that number seven hard into the outside wall, but will still be your leader. Yellow flag will emerge on lap twenty four when Shad Prescott suddenly has a mechanical failure, bringing him sliding down the track sideways, leaving nowhere for Howard Weaver to go as Prescott’s front bumper makes hard contact with the right rear of Weaver as he slides down the banked surface.

Ten more times around for your leader Hayden Cardwell, followed by Tucker, James, Bergeron and Wilson. The Chevy pace truck will duck off into the pits, two by two, as the green flag waves, Cardwell on the bottom lane, Tucker up high, side by side, Cardwell will slide up and check up, mainly so he doesn’t wreck, and will have a tight grip on that wheel, maintaining his line. James will be working his way around the bottom of the speedway, and could potentially shake things up among our leaders.

White flag is in the air, four more left turns around the Dirt Track at Charlotte, but sliding into the last turn, Cardwell will maintain the middle lane, Tucker will wash high up the track in one last attempt for the win…but it isn’t enough. Hayden Cardwell will be your winner here tonight, and taking the last podium spot will be a charging Dylan Wilson.

One more stop for the SOMTS boys, as we travel to Knoxville next week, and only after that, will we crown this season’s champion. Will Edens try to go out in a blaze of glory…perhaps Cardwell will put on another clinic for the drivers for the third week in a row…or will JD Brown get tunnel vision toward that checkered flag and wind up taking the cake…

Guess you’ll have to tune in next week to see! I know I personally can’t wait!

From all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you and Goodnight!