Gobbler 100

We’re so excited to bring to you the IracingIflag Turkey Gobbler 100 this November 29th! Returning for its’ 11th year of racing action, but this time, the Gobbler is back with a twist. Thanks to a sponsorship from IracingIflag, to support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

This race will feature 120 cars in fixed-setup Street Stock action from iRacing’s Knoxville Raceway. Every driver will have an option to donate to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund upon purchasing a ticket for the race.

The 11th Annual Turkey Gobbler 100 will be presented by Teamvlr.com on Thursday November 29th, 2018 at 9pm Eastern.

This race is considered as one of the Crown Jewel races that we put on each year and is the second longest running dirt race hosted by VLR (just behind the Spring Fling). For the first time ever, the Gobbler 100 will be a money race with lots of cash on the line and a $20 entry fee!

Server 1

Heat Race 112 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 212 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 312 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 412 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 512 Cars38 Laps
D Main-410 Laps
C Main-413 Laps
B Main 2-916 Laps
Qualifier Main241230 Laps

Server 2

Heat Race 112 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 212 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 312 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 412 Cars38 Laps
Heat Race 512 Cars38 Laps
D Main-410 Laps
C Main-413 Laps
B Main 2-916 Laps
Qualifier Main241230 Laps

A Main24100 Laps - Caution Laps count until Lap 75

Drivers will be assigned to one of two servers prior to the event by race officials. 

Server 1 | 60 Drivers

Server 2 | 60 Drivers



  • Drivers must use the car number assigned to them. If you show up to the race without the assigned number, you will be given an EOL if we’re able to determine who did not have the proper number.
  • Drivers must be in the VLR Teamspeak for drivers meeting [8:30pm ET, 7:30pm CT]
  • If a driver is determined to be at fault for an incident that brings out the caution, they will receive an EOL.
  • All decisions by the administration are final. Arguing, screaming, and yelling will not be tolerated. You can ask for a further explanation on why you received an EOL in a calm voice and the reason will be communicated to you. General race chatter should be done in Teamspeak. Failure to do so will result in an EOL and possible further penalties
  • If you are at deemed fault for two cautions you will be disqualified.
  • 30x incident limit (We will have several Admins who can handle the aggressive driving)
  • If you wreck a driver for a transfer spot you may have to split any money earned in the A Main with that driver, or possibly give up your starting spot to that driver.
  • If you take out a driver blatantly in the A Main, you may have to split any money earned with that driver as well. If you take a driver out for the win the same rule will apply. You also may be immediately removed from the server for extremely severe circumstances.
  • The leader controls all starts and will have lane choice after the initial start.
  • The leader cannot start the race until the middle of turns three and four.
  • Leader must pace no further than six car lengths back from the pace car. If they fail to do so they may be moved back a row on the start or sent to the rear of the field.
  • We will have three double file starts in the A Main for each half of the event. After that, we will go single file for the remainder of the that half.
  • Caution laps will count until lap 50. After lap 50 we will count only green flag laps.
  • A driver may only receive one EOL before being disqualified. In lieu of a second EOL for causing an incident, you will be disqualified and removed from the race.
  • If a driver is not in Teamspeak for the drivers meeting and the duration of the race event, they will be given an EOL in their heat race and/or feature event.
  • Top three finishers who do not show up for post-race interviews risk forfeiting part of their prize money.
  • Vulgar or inappropriate Paint Schemes may result in a server removal.
  • Race Control reserves the right to enforce punishments that may not be listed in this rule set as seen fit and required for the smooth operation of the race event.
  • This will be a FIXED SETUP race. We will be using the iRacing Knoxville setup for the 60 car servers then will switch the setup to the iRacing Knoxville Setup with 22 gallons of fuel for the 100 lap race.




Drivers meeting in TeamSpeak at 8:30et, 7:30ct Thursday. This is mandatory. Address:VLR.tserverhq.com

Server #1 (broadcast by Race On Texas to VLR’s Facebook) will go up at 8:40pm ET in the hosted servers section of iRacing.

Server #2 (broadcast by Full Velocity to their Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube) will go up at 8:50pm ET in the hosted section of iRacing.

Server #1 qualifying will begin at approximately 8:55PM ET. Server #2 qualifying will begin at approximately 9:05PM ET.


– There will be two servers of 60 cars each (so 120 drivers total)

  • There will be a 15 minute practice session
  • Qualifying will be two (2) laps, with your best lap time counting.
  • Qualifying will run as normal, followed by Five (5) heat races in each server. There are no inversions of any kind for this event. Heat races will be 8 laps each. The top three finishers from each heat transfer to the 30 lap qualifying sub feature.
  • The top 12 finishers from the qualifying server (unless not in good standing at the end of the race) will advance to the 100 lap Main Event Gobbler 100.


– After the heat races are done the D, C, and B mains will run with the top 4 advancing from each.This will wittle the cars down from 60 cars to 24 cars in each server (or 48 total). The D Main will be 10 laps, C Main 13, and B Main 16.

– After the B Main, the 24 remaining cars will run a 30 lap “qualifying feature” in their server, once again with no inversions.

– The top 12 finishers from each server’s qualifying feature will advance to the iRacingiFlag Gobbler 100 A Main. The drivers from Server 1 will make up the inside row of the feature while Server 2 drivers will make up the outside.

– The first 75 laps of the A Main we will count caution laps. For the last 25 we will not, and the lap count will be manually kept by the series admins.

– Double or single file restarts will be determined by the Race Admins based on the feel of the race and green flag runs.

– If you take a driver out in a heat race you will be given an EOL for the next race you are a part of. If it’s especially egregious, you may be removed from the event with no refund.

– If you take a driver out for a transfer spot in the 30-lap sub feature, they may be given your spot in the 100 lap feature. Race officials reserve the right to add a driver to the tail of the 100-lap Feature race if they are taken out in a transfer spot.

– A Main leader gets lane choice after the first caution.

Server #1Server #2
#1 Terry Gray#00 Tim Smith
#002 Dylan D Thomas#01 Tyler Hudson
#3 Shane James#2 Dylan Houser
#03 Barrett Bishop#007 James Parise
#4 Tyler Blankenship#8 Taylor Brisighella
#04 Justin Wilson#010 Lon Franks
#5 Kevin Dedmon#12 Eric Eichstadt
#05 Nick Del Campo#15 Ryan Flaten
#6 Scott Schrader#16 Austin Carr
#7 Shane Kelley#17 Willie Brown
#07 Howard Weaver#018 Adam Liechty
#9 Tyler Ducharme#19 Garrett Niebruegee
#09 John Allensworth#20 Chad Byrd
#10 Jason Salter#21 Jim Reavis
#11 Dustin Sizemore#23 Jeremy Capron
#13 DJ Kilanowski#24 Zach Leonhardi
#14 Bryan Wax#25 Jarrett Murphy
#015 Chase Wascom#26 Darrin Haskell
#18 Brycen Daffern#29 Ronald Brown
#22 Nick Daffern#32 Alex Breuer
#024 Ryan Martin#37 Randall Carter
#27 Martin Karch#39 Eric Mohr
#28 Trevor Fitz#44 Leo Pina
#33 Rodney Brown#47 Lucas Chowning
#34 Terry Wolfe#49 Cole Cabre
#35 Ricky J Sanders#51 Mike Crawn
#41 Shad Prescott#52 Jason Allen
#46 Trevor Baker#55 James Edens
#57 Richard Spahr#56 Brad Dyer
#58 Hunter Flanagan#66 Cole Falloway
#64 Skip Tuttle#68 Ronald Pyles
#67 Charles Silvis#72 David Day
#69 Keith Hackney#072 Nicolas Yaskiw
#71 Daniel Stiffler#74 Blake Brown
#73 Steven Robbins#79 Justin Gledhill
#77 Justin Pruitt#81 Joey Lamm
#077 Dillon Conrad#83 Josh Laughton
#78 Bradley Wilson#84 EJ Jones
#80 Dylan Wilson#85 Scott Barglof
#085 Cole Harvey#86 Derek Fedkenheuer
#91 Tyson Pankow#102 Matt Deese
#96 Randy Crowder#111 Cody McKnight
#97 Rocky Battenfield#112 Alex Bergeron
#98 Tim Ryan#140 Travis Trussell
#103 Blake Murray#150 Scott McBride
#104 Paul Morgan#157 Garrett Manes
#105 Jamie Reid#177 Jacob Hilbern
#106 Greg Thompson#211 Brad Moore
#115 Eric Tupper#319 David Breuer
#117 Brett Rowles#333 Torryn Shurts
#118 Peter Coberley#442 Jordan Casey
#125 Dylan Petty#522 Caleb Sexton
#212 Tyler Hargrove#666 Benjamin Nading
#224 Andrew Hawkins#700 Connor Parise
#252 Blake Garrett#707 Josh Fox
#300 Darren Cole#714 Marcy L Estenson
#331 Dustin Hall3#771 Brian Neels
#515 Stan Nevins#967 Keven Forcier
#818 Jeremy Freeman#99 Eddie Underwood
#888 Cory Wentzel#999 Corey Boudinot
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