Written by Katie Dugas Oil all over the M&Ms leaves Cabre out front for the win at the first ever VLR Tough Truck Race.

September 3, 2019 (CONCORD, NC) – They sure don’t call this the Tough Truck Series for nothing. Tonight Team VLR brought us some of the roughest, toughest action on dirt as the Gander Outdoor Trucks would take to the Dirt Track at Charlotte presented by Capron Screen Printing. During practice, Joel Berkley will be atop the speed charts with an impressive 18.654, followed by Blake Cannon with an 18.678, over America’s Sweetheart, Howard Weaver, who turned an 18.679. The top four drivers of three intense heat races, and the top eight of two insane mains, will make up our twenty four truck field.

Starting on the pole for the main event will be the number thirteen of DJ Kilanowski, alongside the thirty three of Evan Seay. Starting in third will be Blake Cannon, alongside James Edens, Kendal Tucker, and Cole Cabre starting in sixth. Seventh on the field will be the number nine of Joel Berkley, by the Dirty Grass Soul of Kevin Dedmon. Adam Elby will follow with Jeremy Capron, Howard Weaver, Blake Brown, Kyle Sirratt, Chris Fisher and rounding out your top fifteen will be Trevor Brownlee. The twenty eight of Bailey Hipp starts alongside Baily Cardwell in sixteenth, ahead of Dylan Houser, Cory Whitworth and Austen Semmelmann in twentieth. Cody Batten, Garrett Niebruegge, Dylan Thomas and Randall Carter will round out your starting grid.

Fifty laps, twenty four trucks, twenty four different driving styles, and one Hanover Wrecker Service truck will bring you some of the most insane ground pounding laps Team VLR has probably seen. Bringing us to the green flag will be Kilanowski on the bottom.

As the pace truck drops, Kilanowski is up top, while Cannon slips way low and falls to sixth, but he wont be back there long.. Four wide. Make that five wide in the back stretch with Seay on top, Edens wants a piece of this, and he will soon be side by side with Kendal Tucker.

Look out, here comes Evan Seay straight up the middle, bringing us four wide for the lead, with Blake Brown riding way up top, leaving Edgens in the infield. Going back green, Kilanowski and Cannon will lead off Seay and Cabre, and you can tell they’re already thinking about it… and sure enough three and four wide right off the start. The number nine of Australian Joel Berkley is on the move, now up to fifth, but look out!

SLIDE JOB SLIDE JOB as Blake Cannon throws a hail mary for the lead. Here comes the crossover by Kilanowski and all DJ wants is to pull away from Cannon. Speaking of Berkley, he will make hard contact with the wall, but he keeps going and we somehow stay green.

Kilanowski is on the bottom, with Cannon up top, and all we can see is a cloud of dust behind them, as there’s a hurricane a’brewin back around tenth with Blake Brown and company. Less than ten laps in, Jeremy Capron will go spinning, and I wonder if Austen Semmelmann knows that there’s no parking in the infield during the race. That’s alright…that’s why we have Hanover Wrecker Service on call to rescue wayward drivers.

We restart hard on the loud pedal and are three wide out of turn one, with the thirteen, thirty three and nine, but side by side for the lead as Cabre takes the bottom line, and they’re four wide for third on back, all over the bumper of Cannon. Evan Seay is trying his best to dig, but all he can see is dust, meanwhile Tucker knocks on the back door of Kilanowski, and now they are two by two by two almost all the way through the field.

Cabre and Cannon will be side by side, Cannon goes hard into the outside wall, and jumbles up quite a few drivers behind him. Tucker and Kilanowski look like conjoined twins, Tucker will bust loose, and make contact with Berkley. Amazing recovery by the thirteen of DJ Kilanowski, but the incident puts him outside the top twelve.

Lap sixteen, Cabre will go for the lead, but Cannon fires back with a crossover for the lead. Sitting in third is Evan Seay in the Trump Train, just hoping they’ll make the race better again, by taking each other out and letting him slide into victory lane, because as of now, hes the fastest truck on track.

Looking at the track, there’s nothing but a dust cloud, as Kendal Tucker will lick a stamp and just send it, rocketing from sixth to fourth. Here comes Kevin Dedmon, Capron throws a serious White Castle slider for the eighth position, which puts Tucker to slide low, Dedmon with a monster crossover, carrying him all the way into the wall, leaving a three wide battle going on and uhoh…that might not be smart.

Just because you can go four wide, doesn’t mean that’s the smartest thing to do. Twenty four to go, Cannon on the bottom, Cabre on the top, but CHOO CHOO Here comes the Trump Train, three wide with Tucker and Berkley. Tucker drops low, meanwhile, the Country Superstar himself, Dedmon will “spin his partner, round and round”, leaving Capron to take the most damage.

Rerack and restack, Cannon on the bottom, Cabre to the outdide, Cabre to the lead, here comes a crossover by Cannon, Seay is hung out to dry, and here comes Adam Elby. Cabre door to door with Berkley, but someone call Hanover Wrecker, because your previous leader, Blake Cannon is on his lid, and to use Darrell Waltrip’s phrase, “I bet there’s oil all over those M&Ms”. Twelve more times around, Cabre gets the jump of his life over Elby, and its complete meyhem for Dedmon, Tucker and Carter.

We will bring it single file as Cabre leads Berkley, Elby, Seay and Brown with only four more times around, Cabre tries the top, Elby wants that second place spot, Berkley was apparetly doing too much digging, and drops low, losing ground to Elby, leaving Berkley to cross back over. White flag is out, four more left turns for Swindell Speedlabs own Cole Cabre, as he will take home the checkered flag here at Charlotte, leaving a drag race for second, but another Swindell Speedlab machine belonging to Adam Elby will overtake Joel Berkley, leaving him in third.

Evan Seay will bring home fourth, and Blake Brown rounds out your top five. Dylan Thomas comes home with sixth, Garrett Niebruegge in seventh, James Edgens in eighth, followed by Baily Cardwell and Kyle Sirratt to round out your top ten.

Well, as I said, its safe to say this series was properly named, as we see these trucks roll back into the pits beat up every which way but the right way. Let’s see if these guys can get a little better handle on these trucks before next week!

From all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you and Goodnight.