September 24, 2019 (ELIDA, OH) – Week number three for the Team VLR Tough Truck Series presented by Capron Screen Printing and Dirty Grass Soul sure couldn’t be adequately described without the word “cluster” in it. Basically a quarter mile dirt track and twenty-four trucks was not the prettiest thing we have ever seen here at VLR, but it was entertaining, none the less.

Devon Morgan will be your fast time in qualifying with a wicked quick 15.820, followed by Tyler Jackson in the number 8 machine, and Swindell Speedlabs own Kendal Tucker in third.

After three extremely action packed heat races and a B main, twenty four drivers will get ready to take the grid here at Limaland for fifty ground pounding laps.

Starting on the pole for the second week in a row is the 112 of Devon Morgan, outside pole, the 26 of Kyle Sirratt, Kendal Tucker starts in third, with Evan Seay to his outside. Inside row three is the number eight of Tyler Jackson, alongside Baily Cardwell. Adam Elby takes p-seven, with iRacingiFlag’s very own Blake Brown sitting to his right. Season opening winner Cole Cabre rounds out your top ten, leading off Garrett Niebruegge and Robert Fletcher, over Austen Semmelmann in thirteenth and the country music sensation, Kevin Dedmon outside row seven. The 21 of Dylan Houser starts in fifteenth, with the Champ, DJ Kilanowski to his outside, right behind them, last week’s winner, Blake Cannon and “Ronny’s Nephew”, Howard Weaver in eighteenth. Josh Peacock and David Heileman make up row ten, over Chris Cox and Jeremy “The Gangster” Capron in twenty second, with Randall Carter and Chadren Been rounding out our field.

The pace truck is down, and we are green! Morgan fires off nicely, Sirratt stays high, Kendal Tucker dips down low to try and make a pass while we are already four wide for fourth. Evan Seay makes slight contact with Jackson, Baily Cardwell to the bottom, making a sort of “Seay Sandwich”, with Kyle Sirratt along the high side. Seay will duck out of the cluster to the low line, and takes position number two as Tucker beats and bangs his way along the outside wall.

Only three laps in, and we are under the first of several cautions as we see the 21 of Houser in the pits after being turned on track. Morgan with a slow start bringing us back to the action with Tucker to the outside, as he drops low in front of the 33 of Evan Seay, and somehow they keep it going. Three wide for second and Morgan is sitting high side and handsome just cruising, as Tucker continues to bounce it off the wall, and eventually into the 33 of Seay. Caution number two will fly after Sirratt, Cardwell, and Cannon all pile up in the middle of the pack. Morgan once again brings us back to the green flag with Tucker just digging behind him, eventually coming all the way up the track, and after being passed by James Edens, slams hard into the wall. Yellow flag is back out after Chris Cox and Adam Elby trade some paint with only sixteen laps in the books.

Morgan brings us back to the green, Edens and Dedmon now side by side for second, and before we can blink, we are back under caution after the number 10 of Tucker gets high and sideways collecting Seay, Jackson, Cabre, Cox, Sirratt and somehow the 07 of Weaver makes it through. Get on that boogie pedal, we are ready to go back racing, three wide for the lead, between Morgan, Dedmon and Edens as we see probably the most spectacular save by Kevin Dedmon after going all the way around, getting hit, and winding up facing the right way on track, and back in the gas, like he never missed a beat. (Music pun inserted there…)

James Edens leads us back to green, as 22nd starting Jeremy Capron and pole-sitter Devon Morgan are side by side for second, and hell, let’s throw a Weaver up along the high side making them three wide for second from his 18th place starting position! Look out boys and girls, and Heilemaniac fans all across the nation, as he pulls a slider from who knows where, and slams hard into the side of TJ Carter. Thirty four of fifty laps and we find ourselves under caution number six after Houser gets loose, makes contact with Cox, Cardwell, and winds up landing in the pits spinning.

Fourteen laps remain as Edens leads us off, hops the tire barrier, Weaver moves into second over Capron, but can’t hold it, Capron now in a three wide battle with Weaver and Carter for third. We finally make it to the single digits…and you guessed it…another yellow. Lots of beating and banging between Sirratt and Elby and Jackson is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Five more times around, as Edens is quick on the gas, Morgan drops low, Capron tries the high side, all of them fighting to get to the 53 machine of James Edens.

Howard Weaver tries his hand at the high side, as Morgan runs more toward the middle, now with only two laps to go. Jeremy Capron will drop it way low and now door to door with Edens for the lead, Capron tries everything he can and stays to the inside through turns three and four, but it just isn’t enough, as James Edens takes the checkered flag here at Limaland. What a finish by all of the guys here tonight, your winner James Edens, Jeremy Capron comes home second, Devon Morgan in third, Howard Weaver in fourth and Austen Semmelmann in fifth.

Next week, the guys head to USA International down in Florida, for what should be another amazing show, proving that these trucks are truly TOUGH!