Jordan Casey Win

Written by: Katie Dugas of Pit Pass

What a night for racing as the Schaeffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series traveled to Limaland tonight for an intense thirty five laps.

During practice, the one and only Howard Weaver was the fastest car on track, clocking in at a 13.07, followed by Blake Matjoulis and Shane James. After qualifying, our leaders are Alex Bergeron, Jordan Casey, Shane James, Shad Prescott, and Dylan Wilson.

Tonight at Limaland, we will see three aggressive heat races to see where our drivers will stack up for our starting grid.

The top three finishers of each heat race were as followed

Heat 1- 1.Alex Bergeron 2.Shad Prescott 3. Howard Weaver

Heat 2- 1. Jordan Casey 2.Dylan Wilson 3. JD Brown

Heat 3- Randall Carter 2. Shane James 3. Jeremy Capron

As we get set for our main event, your pole sitter will be the number twelve of Drummondville, QC, CA driver Alex Bergeron. Alongside him on the front row will be Jordan Casey, followed by Randall Carter, Shad Prescott, Dylan Wilson, Shane James, Howard Weaver, JD Brown, Jeremy Capron and rounding your top ten starters was Cole Harvey.

Green flag in the air, and we are racing! Bergeron pulls off the line with an amazing start, and there is a pretty tight battle for second between Casey, Carter and Prescott. Although caution laps will not count against race laps, we see the first yellow fly of the 35 lap event as the nineteen of Garrett Nienbruegge gets hard into the outside wall. From the booth, it appeared that there was contact between Niebruegge and the thirteen of DJ Kilanowski, causing the nineteen to get loose, and slide up to the outside wall and wind up on his lid in the corner.

As we stand now, your leaders are still Bergeron, Casey and Carter. As the pace truck dives into the pits, Bergeron will go high, as Casey drops toward the bottom side of the track, but this heated battle won’t last long, as our yellow flag is out two laps later. Going back racing, Bergeron runs a nice line along the outside, holding off Carter and Prescott. We start to see a few drivers trying to run the middle line, and see some serious aggressive driving.

This style of driving will eventually show in a three way battle between Casey, Carter and Wilson. Lap seventeen, we see deeper into the pack, that cars will start to get bunched up, and eventually bring out or next caution. The twenty five of Jarrett Murphy will set it on spin cycle and take out the number eighty five of Cole Harvey. Coming back to the Boogie Flag, Bergeron will stretch way out front, leading Casey and Prescott.

As our leader gets high, wide and handsome, the forty two of Casey will drop it down low, leaving the #41 of Prescott in the express lane straight through the middle of our leaders, for what I’d say was one of the most amazing passes I’ve personally ever seen. Three way battle again for the lead and it will be Bergeron who comes out our leader. Caution flag will fly around lap twenty two when Shane James and Dylan Wilson will trade paint, leaving James to load up the rig and call it a night. This is extremely unfortunate for our driver who started in third.

Cars will line up for a single file restart and leading us off is Bergeron followed by Prescott and Casey. Most drivers have been taking the high side, really pushing up against that wall, which seems to pay off, steadily gaining speed. Howard Weaver tries to make his own line down low, but gets railroaded by all of the high side dominant cars, after being involved in an earlier crash and suffering heavy right rear damage.

Prescott will dip all the way to the bottom, and then back to the top, losing momentum, as Bergeron will pull out all the stops to grab that lead back. These two drag race all the way back to the line! They’ll continue to beat and bang for positions one and two, and here comes Jordan Casey back to third. After more crossovers than we can count, Bergeron and Prescott will get that aggression pedal all the way to the floor, and Bergeron goes hard into the wall and rode it out on two wheels, giving Shad Prescott the honor of leading us into our next caution. He won’t be there long as the race admins penalize him with the caution, putting him to the back of the field.

This brings out a new leader, Jordan Casey, followed by Blake Matjoulis and Randal Carter. Once again, it’s a single file restart, as Casey leads us to green. Notice the fourteen of Brown making his way past Carter for third; even though he will not hold it for long. Our leader, Jordan Casey, appears to be trying to push the wall out as his team mate Blake Matjoulis is scraping the bottom side of the track. One team, two distinct lines, but the one twenty seven will eventually work his way up to the top behind Casey.

Glancing mid field, around tenth, there’s a heated battle between our leader most of the night, Alex Bergeron, Dylan Thomas, and Dylan Thomas. Five more times around as Casey, Matjoulis, Brown and Carter will head us toward the checkered flag. Although our top two have apparently checked out, leading the field by almost six car lengths. White flag is out, as only four more left turns remain as we see a side by side battle for the lead, between the Wisconsinite of Jordan Casey and the New York Native, Blake Matjoulis. Will Blake have enough to take him at the line? No he will not as Jordan Casey will bring home the win! Finishing second in a margin finer than frog hair split three ways was Blake Matjoulis, and with a strong third place finish was JD Brown.

There’s nothing like some good dirt slinging action, and we definitely had no shortage of that tonight in the Schaeffer’s Oil Modified Touring Series visit at Limaland! Congratulations, again for our top three drivers from all of us here at Pit Pass.

See yall next week!

Finishing Order-

1. Jordan Casey
2. Blake Matjoulis
3. JD Brown
4. Randall Carter
5. Jeremy Capron
6. Blake Brown
7. Cole Harvey
8. Drew Hopkins
9. Howard Weaver
10. Shad Prescott
11. Alex Bergeron
12. Dylan Thomas
13. Lucas Chowning
14. Jarrett Murphy
15. Tristan Carman
16. Ryan Martin
17. Garrett Niebruegge
18. Shane James
19. Dylan Wilson
20.DJ Kilanowski
21. Darren Litteral