By: Katie Dugas of Pit Pass

OCTOBER 28, 2019 (FAIRBURY, IL) – Team VLR hosted night one of the South Texas Race on Texas Monster Bash Super Series at Fairbury American Legion Speedway on Monday night. This was VLR’s first ever visit to the 1/4 mile oval (in iRacing). There was no shortage of drivers for sure, as sixty three toter-homes and haulers unveiled some of the sickest looking Super Late Models I’ve ever seen. This Bash is bringing out all of the big names, like Cardwell, Cannon, Weaver, Capron,  Dedmon, Wilson, Morgan, and obviously I could list more. After the top three drivers out of five heat races, and the top three out of two insanely stacked LCQs, thirty nine drivers would load up their rides with hopes of a better start next week at Eldora.

As our drivers start making their way to the track to line up for sixty ground pounding laps of the best dirt racing there is, your pole sitter is the number eighty D1RT machine of Dylan Wilson, and to his outside, the Slider Line Dominator, Hayden Cardwell, leading off “Mr. Excitement”, Jordan Casey and Devon Morgan in row two. Swindell Speedlabs own, Blake Cannon starts position number five, on the inside of Brad Moore, leading off Mason Crawford and the Champ, Blake Matjoulis starting in eighth. Row number five is made up with the HRE machine of Brayton Wallace to the inside of the Dirty Grass Soul man himself, Kevin Dedmon. Piloting the number nine Big Bird machine, Tyler Ducharme and John Altetich to his outside, over JD Brown and Austin Matthews in row number seven. Rounding out your top fifteen, Barrett Bishop, with Kyle Pearson to his outside, leaving “America’s Sweetheart”, Howard Weaver and TJ Carter making up row number nine, and Clifford Driskell alongside the nineteen of Garrett Niebruegge as the last of your top twenty. Dylan “Slide Job” Houser starts inside row eleven, with Ryan Underwood, Virgil Graham in position number twenty three.

As the iRacing iFlag green flag drops, Dylan Wilson will lead them to the green, and less than two corners in, we already have a challenge for the lead as the forty two of Jordan Casey gets an incredible start, now over Cardwell, Matjoulis in a three wide battle as the forty four of Blake Cannon comes in with one hell of a slider along the bottom side. Jordan Casey holds onto second, holding off Cannon and Morgan along that high side, as Blake Matjoulis slides down to the bottom side to try and make something happen.

Wilson running a strong lead with team mate Jordan Casey, Cannon now under fire from Morgan, as the one twenty seven of The Champ, still trying to roll that bottom line in. Eight laps in, we get to call the big guns out, the guys of Hanover Wrecker Service for the first caution of the night, after the two star may have made contact with Cardwell, slowing him down and pulling into the infield, and now catching up to the rest of the field. Green flag back in the air, and in no time, Wilson back out front, with Cannon close behind, three wide for third, Casey on the top, Morgan on the bottom, and Matjoulis nowhere to go but in the middle with a whole lot of beating and banging in between.

Somehow they recover, and keep all of those rides headed in the right direction, and that boys and girls, is the definition of “good old fashioned short track racing”. Wilson still out front, Cannon to be overtaken by Matjoulis, Casey looking for position number three, and here comes Blake Cannon with the slider over the Matjoulis back in second, here comes the crossover, and also, here comes the wrecker…. Yellow flag back out on lap twelve after Kyle Pearson makes hard contact with the thirty seven and just couldn’t recover leaving him spinning in the back stretch. The eighty D of Dylan Wilson brings us back racing with Matjoulis in tow, leaving Casey and Cannon duking it out for third.

Brayton Wallace and Brad Moore are giving it all they have back there in sixth, with Dedmon steady moving up as well. That bottom side may have been a smart move, as Matjoulis now able to make some ground up on our leader, Dylan Wilson, as him and Cannon run the high line, and now Casey will drop low, and try to make some more ground on Blake Cannon. Lap number twenty clicking away as Wilson still leads, but not by much, being trailed close by Blake Matjoulis, Blake Cannon, Jordan Casey and Devon Morgan.

JD Brown is making up a lot of ground getting into the top ten, but less than half way in, our Hard Charger so far, Dylan Houser moving from twenty first to eleventh, and now looking for tenth. Big move up front, as Matjoulis gets the pass on Wilson for the lead, but Wilson will cross back over in the number eighty, but for how long? Matjoulis makes contact with the outside wall, but it won’t slow him down, if anything, it will give him some extra momentum bringing them side by side again for the race lead, with Blake Cannon sitting in third, Jordan Casey in fourth, and Devon Morgan all over him like a cheap suit, trying to take the spot from Casey as we now hit the thirty lap mark.

Wilson on the high side, Matjoulis on the bottom, as we see lap traffic starting to surface here shortly. Paging Hanover Wrecker to the track please, caution flag is out again, and we start to experience some technical difficulties, we basically throw a red flag and call all cars to a stop on the track, as we get the admin team together, and get things sorted out.

Alright folks, as we get the issues sorted out, we have reracked and restacked the field, as they were prior to the last caution on lap thirty one. Brief rundown of Monster Bash part two, Wilson, Matjoulis, Cannon, Casey, Morgan, Wallace, Moore, Dedmon, D Cardwell, JD Brown, Underwood, Ducharme, Matthews, Driskel, Houser, H Cardwell, Graham, Bishop, Weaver, Carter, Aletich, Niebruegge, Pearson and Crawford.

As we get ready to wrap up the last forty five laps of the race here at the three quarter mile, Fairbury Speedway, Wilson on the low side, but will slide way up, Matjoulis to the wall, then down the middle with Blake Cannon on the bottom, and oh no Dylan Wilson slams hard into the wall and into the catch fence, collecting a whole pile of cars, and Hanover may need a few trucks to get this parking lot cleared. Driskel now on his lid, and there are a ton of cars retiring, now seeing Blake Matjoulis receiving an EOL.

As we get back to racing, Blake Cannon your new leader, with Jordan Casey close behind him on the top side, with Devon Morgan down low, Casey will slide it down way low and get the pass on Cannon, and he will cross back over, with the yellow flag back in the air after the number sixty and thirty seven make a lot of contact and leave Aletich spinning. Casey brings us back racing, Cannon running into second and Moore making a lot of ground up on Cannon in position number three with Dedmon close behind in fourth, with Davin Cardwell in fifth. Mr. Excitement himself, Jordan Casey, is starting to space himself away from the pack with Cannon battling it out with Moore, and now Dedmon drops way low to go for the slider and makes it work, but Davin Cardwell is now spinning! Yellow Yellow as Cardwell and Cardwell are both taken out after contact with the one twelve machine.

As we get ready to go back racing, Jordan Casey and Blake Cannon get us wound up, just to call the wrecker again, as Brad Moore got way out of shape and ended up collecting a pile in the back, including Weaver, Matjoulis, and plenty others. We go green only to be back under yellow after the “other Cardwell” makes contact with Houser after Brad Moore completely drove over a few cars Monster Jam Style. Cannon leads us back off with Casey, Dedmon, Brown and Houser your top five, and the forty two of Casey will make a brave drop, and UH OH, the Texas Tornado strikes for Dylan Wilson after Houser shuts down the slider, leaving Wilson in the dust.

Single file restart, as Cannon is over Casey on lap nineteen of forty five, Dedmon running in a smooth third, JD Brown has a great run going in third. Barret Bishop, a street stock guy now riding in position number seven, SLIDE JOB!!! Jordan Casey pulls a sick slider on Cannon, but Cannon will cross back over, and here comes Dedmon serving up sliders, but Jordan Casey shuts the door hard, and this has to be exciting for Cannon as he just pulls away, and just as I can say it, the pace truck is out again.

Brad Moore appears to be the culprit, after getting into the sixty ride of Pearson. Cannon beings us back to green, with Casey, Dedmon, Brown, Houser and Ducharme our top six as we keep them rolling with five laps left to go. The leaders running high side and handsome, Houser up to fourth, the top two, Cannon and Casey start to pull away, white flag in the air, can Casey make something happen?? He will drop it low, but just doesn’t have enough to make it happen, as Blake Cannon in the forty four machine will take the checkers, and Kevin Dedmon rounds out your top three tonight here in Fairbury!

What a night…From cautions and sliders, to roof riding and red flags, and don’t forget the server crash, but hey! We finished it out! Next week the guys load up and head off to Rossburg, Ohio at Eldora for round two of the Team VLR South Texas, Race on Texas Monster Bash Super Series!

Congratulations again to Blake Cannon on his victory tonight, as well as Jordan Casey in second and Kevin Dedmon in third.

From all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you again, and we will see y’all next week!

Finishing order

1. Cannon 2. Casey 3. Dedmon 4. Houser 5. JD Brown 6. Ducharme 7. Bishop 8. Morgan 9. Matthews 10. Underwood 11. Aletich 12. Wallace 13. Graham 14. Pearson 15. Wilson 16. Weaver 17. Carter 18. Niebruegge 19. Driskel 20. Moore 21. Matjoulis 22. H Cardwell 23. D Cardwell 24. Crawford