Written by Katie Dugas

It’s week number two of the Team VLR Tough Truck Series, as the boys unload at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio tonight. During practice, the 33 of Evan Seay will dominate the speed charts with an unbelievable 18.685 second run, but will fall to third during qualifying behind newcomers Devon Morgan and Lucas Chowning.

After four heats and the B-Main, your pole sitter for the A Main is the 112 of Devon Morgan, and to his outside, the 07 of Baily Cardwell, leading off Evan Seay in third and Blake Cannon sitting in fourth. Cory Whitworth will start in fifth, alongside last week’s winner, Cole Cabre, over JD Brown and Cody Batten. “America’s Sweetheart”, Howard Weaver takes the grid in ninth, beside James Edens, Blake Brown, Robert Fletcher and the “Gangster” Jeremy Capron in thirteenth. Lucas Chowning will take the outside of row seven, over Dylan Thomas in fifteenth, Josh Peacock, Kendal Tucker. The man with the guitar, Kevin Dedmon takes the outside of row nine. TJ Carter will be alongside DJ Kilanowski to round out your top twenty, and to round out your field, we have Tyler Jackson, Garrett Niebruegge, Ryan Martin and Timothy Bolander.

As we get ready to take it to the World Famous Eldora Speedway, Kendal Tucker in the number 10 machine may have some serious issues with his crew chief tonight as he struggles to get out of the pits for the second time tonight, as his truck seems hesitant to go in gear. Meanwhile, Devon Morgan must be happy with his pit crew as he brings us to the green flag. Evan Seay, Baily Cardwell and Blake Cannon bring us three wide for second immediately upon the green flag waving.

Cardwell drops to the inside of Morgan for the lead, and Morgan will cross back over, and before you can blink, Blake Cannon is your leader and Morgan drops back to third. Three and four wide battles are going on all throughout the field. Cardwell goes into the wall, Morgan makes contact with Cannon, and will take the lead, but for how long? Devon Morgan and Blake Cannon duke it out side by side for the lead over Cardwell, Seay and Cabre, and caution flag is out on lap eight. Looks like the 71 of Cody Batten was just sent it in too hot in the corner with Ryan Martin, and makes contact with the 33 of Evan Seay.

Batten is slow off the track and Hanover Towing is called to clear his car from the surface. Suddenly there’s more trouble coming into the pits, as Kilanowski and JD Brown make contact in turn four. As we get ready to mash that loud pedal, Morgan remains your leader, Cannon to his outside, followed by Cardwell, Cabre and Edens, green flag is out only ten laps into your fifty lap feature. Cannon and Morgan go door to door for the lead, and they’re three wide coming in hot behind them. Edens is up to fourth, and we have a parking lot on the backstretch as several cars tangle. Looks like the pole sitter of Morgan dropped slightly, as Cardwell possibly drifted up the track, and was left with no place to go, collecting some big names back there, like Weaver, Brown, Peacock, Tucker and Carter.

Thirty five laps to go, as your new leader Blake Cannon takes the low line, alongside last week’s winner Cole Cabre, James Edens in third, and look out, Kevin Dedomon now in fourth after starting eighteenth and Lucas Chowning in fifth. Green flag is in the air, Canon fires off, Cabre to the top, and where did Edens come from? He will battle it out side by side with your leader, Blake Cannon. Kevin Dedmon strums his way smooth into the third position, and they’re having a huge battle back here between DJ Kilanowski, Jeremy Capron and Tyer Jackson. Thirty to go, and defending winner Cabre has taken a slight lead.

Cannon moves to the top, and will aim it toward the leader. Four wide as our field has basically chosen the top shelf, as Cannon, Cabre and Dedmon all skate right along the inside wall, the only real side by side action is for your top ten position, between Jackson and Kilanowsi. Nearing the half way mark, we find ourselves back under caution after the number ten of Kendal Tucker is spun around after contact with Ryan Martin, which is just a result of some good hard dirt racing. Your leader as we go green is Blake Cannon, followed close by Cole Cabre, Kevin Dedmon, James Edens and Evan Seay.

Cabre to the inside of Cannon, as we go back green, Cannon out front, Edens up high, and here comes Cole and company, straight up the middle. SLIDE JOB! SLIDE JOB! Cabre pulls one over Cannon, and he will cross back over, leaving Cole to make some hard contact with the outside wall, and gives the advantage to Edens now on his back bumper. Riding that wicked cushion, on lap thirty is your leader Blake Cannon, but the big show is back around the tenth spot, as Capron fights for his life among Niebruegge, Morgan and Howard Weaver has moved back to seventh after an early caution. Fifteen more times around and there’s nothing but a cloud of dust to show for it as these trucks clearly show us that they’re indeed Tough Trucks.

Cole Cabre has dropped nearly 4/10 of a second behind Blake Cannon, both Brown’s clearly have their hands full, as JD Brown battles it out with Jackson and Blake Brown is door to door with Jeremy Capron. This now moves your early leader Devon Morgan back into the top ten. We knock down into the single digits, just eight more laps remain, and Cole Cabre pulls one hell of a slider over Blake Cannon, and will cross back over, Edens in third leading off Seay, Dedmon, and Chowning, and it’s a complete cluster from position eight to the last truck on the field. Kilanowski throws a slider over Capron, soon taken by Weaver for eleventh, and Morgan is now into eighth. Three laps remain… well, they did, until the caution flag waves again, after the 69 of Cory Whitworth was trying to make it into the top ten, by running up top, and just had nowhere else to go.

This brings us to overtime with our attempt at a two lap shoot out. Blake Cannon choses the top over second place driver Cole Cabre, Edens in third, followed by Seay now in fourth and Dedmon rounds out your top five. Green flag is out and Cannon apparently didn’t get the start he wanted, Cabre throws it down low and will take the lead, but slows up as Cannon comes back with a crossover, Edens to the bottom, three wide for second. Cannon is still your leader, four more left turns, Cole Cabre with one last slider, can he make it stick… No he can’t, as Cannon comes back with the cross over in turn four and will take the checkered flag leaving Cabre in the second place dust followed by Evan Seay in third, James Edens in fourth and Kevin Dedmon will round out your top five.

Don’t forget to join us next week, when Team VLR will bring you yet another week of Tough Trucks from shortest track on the schedule, Limaland Motorsports Park. Once again, from all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you and Good Night!

Finishing order-

1. Cannon 2. Cabre 3. Seay 4. Edens 5. Dedmon 6. Chowning 7. Morgan 8. JD Brown 9. Kilanowski 10.B. Brown 11.Bowlander 12. Weaver 13. Capron 14. Peacock 15. Niebruegge 16. Carter 17.Jackson 18. Fletcher 19. Whitworth 20. Martin 21. Tucker 22. Thomas 23. Cardwell 24. Batten