For the past week. The Sim Dirt Modified Touring Series has been announcing invitations to drivers across the sim to participate in the 2019 SDMTS season. While fans and drivers have waiting in anticipation to see the next driver added to the roster for the series. Trevor Brownlee and the SDMTS team have been behind the scenes reformatting the schedule, dates, format and looking to secure sponsors for the upcoming season!

The biggest change for the upcoming season comes to the scheduling. When the original schedule was announced. It was apparent that the drivers would rather see a shorter season over the planned 22 week schedule. The 2019 Schedule as been trimmed to 12 weeks, but will start at a later date than intentionally planned as Qualifying Series 1 will now start March 14th, 2019 and Qualifying Series 2 will begin March 21st, 2019 respectably. The season opener for the 2019 Season will now be moved to May 16th,2019 as the season opens in Charlotte and the season will conclude on August 8th at Knoxville Speedway. June 20th, 2019 will now host the 2nd Annual Clash at Knoxville.

1AMarch 14th, 2019Eldora30Chase Cabre
1BMarch 21st, 2019Eldora30Hayden Cardwell
2AMarch 28th, 2019Limaland30Blake Matjoulis
2BApril 4th, 2019Limaland30Jordan Casey
3AApril 11th, 2019Charlotte30Blake Matjoulis
3BApril 18th, 2019Charlotte30Jordan Casey
4AApril 25th, 2019Volusia30Jacob Fields
4BMay 2nd, 2019Volusia30Hayden Cardwell
1May 16th, 2019Charlotte35Blake Cannon
2May 23rd, 2019Volusia35James Edens
3May 30th, 2019Lanier35Austin Carr
4June 6th, 2019Eldora35Blake Matjoulis
5June 13th, 2019Limaland35Hayden Cardwell
6June 20th, 2019Knoxville (The Clash)35Blake Matjoulis
7June 27th, 2019Volusia35Alex Bergeron
8July 18th, 2019USA Speedway35Austin Carr
9July 25th, 2019Limaland35Jordan Casey
10August 1st, 2019Eldora35Hayden Cardwell
11August 8th, 2019Charlotte35
12August 15th, 2019Knoxville35

As the invitations started to roll out. Series directors realized that sending out 15 invites to the series would not truly articulate the amount of talent within the Modified Division. The SDMTS Officials decided that they would add an additional 5 drivers to the invitation board! These drivers would be announced through December 17th, 2018.

Drivers that have NOT received an invite are still eligible to qualify for the 2019 SDMTS Season through one of two qualifying series. The qualifying series will be a free entry to drivers wishing to compete for a chance to earn a spot in the 2019 Sim Dirt Modified Touring Series. The series registration will go live on December 19th, 2018 at the following link. Registration for the qualifying series will last until March 7th, 2019 at which time all of the registered entries will be split into 2 groups based on current Dirt Oval iRating utilizing a snake split.

SessionDriversAdvanceLapsTime Limit
Heat 111Top 4 to A-Main1010
Heat 211Top 4 to A-Main1010
Heat 310Top 4 to A-Main1010
Heat 410Top 4 to A-Main1010
Consolation 116Top 4 to B-Main1515
Consolation 216Top8 to A-Main1818
Driver 15400Qualifying Series 1
Driver 25100Qualifying Series 2
Driver 35000Qualifying Series 1
Driver 44500Qualifying Series 2
Driver 54100Qualifying Series 1
Driver 63800Qualifying Series 2
Driver 73400Qualifying Series 1
Driver 83100Qualifying Series 2
Driver 92800Qualifying Series 1
Driver 102400Qualifying Series 2
Driver 111500Qualifying Series 1
Driver 121400Qualifying Series 2

Driver fees for the 2019 SDMTS have been finalized. Drivers that received an invitation will be required to pay a $20 registration fee for the series. Drivers that did not receive and invitation will be required to pay a $30 registration fee. These fees will help cover the cost of the series payout at the end of the season.

For more information and series results. Stay tuned to the website and follow us on facebook at