VLR Sprint Car Series Update!

Due to issues on both our end and iRacing's, tonights (5/1/17) race will not count for points. We will also be running the 360s instead of the 410 Sprint Cars for the rest of the season.

We are all new to each other for the most part, and we feel that a slightly slower car will be more beneficial for the time being.

I promise in the future as we weed out the bad apples and get used to how each other races, things will get much better. VLRs dedication to DTR2 kept it alive long past what anyone would've expected, and we intend to keep that same dedication here as well in a simulation that we expect to only improve over the months and years ahead..

Again, on behalf of Team VLR I would like to apologize for the mess tonight, and we can all look forward to making improvements going forward.

You can find our league page here.

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