VLR All-Time DTR2 Win List

Note: This list only includes the winners of our main league here at VLR which has ran on Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's. It does not include divisional VLR series like our former Gen 3 series, IMCA series, Crate Late Model Series, and any other series other than our main series that has ran on the dates mentioned at the beginning of this article for the past few years.

Driver Wins
SKM_18 (Austen Semmelmann) 79
VLR_Shock (Howard Weaver) 27
VLR_Nitro (Jason Lester) 20
VLR_JW (Josh Weems) 20
WFO_v56 (Ty Griffith) 13
EVR_RD (Pat Cote) 13
Jigger57x (Jacob Lorentz) 9
OAS_BR (Zeke Wright) 8
Doit_ICE (Rocky Battenfield) 8
IFRT_Rac (Rick Cote) 7
VLR_Gage (Gage Clark) 7
BLS_F1yer (Joe Barker) 6
GnS*Mag 6
VLR_JJ (Jesse Enterkin) 6
XCR_Orso (Kyle Orso) 6
WFO_Rainman (Joe Roberson) 5
VLR_McGee (Rusty Edwards) 4
JFR_A2D (Dylan Wilson) 4
EVR_Lenny09 (Lenny Streitmatter) 4
WFO_Jeff (Eric Tupper) 4
BLS_BW43 (Brian Williams) 3
VLR_Edge (Shawn Meekhof) 3
GLH_RebeL (Jensen Pray) 3
SKM_Smallz (Jared Kane) 3
XCR_KG (Zachary Mietzner) 3
VLR_LP (William Ahrens) 3
VLR_RB (Brandin Butterfield) 2
MOTT (Richard Mott) 2
joshow20 (Weston Gantte) 2
OAS_3 (Jay Horne) 2
OAS_5150 (Chris Walker) 2
VLR_99x (Larry Maxwell) 2
BMS Ray (Raymond Balch Jr.) 1
XRT*Twizo (Danny Rogers) 1
BLS_B45 (Chad Thornsley) 1
JFR_Dustin (Dustin Moseley) 1
JFR_Jim (Michael Lund) 1
VLR_Superman (Trevor Denton) 1
BLS_Diz (Eric Hough) 1
EVR_Kevin (Kevin Clevenger) 1
WFO_Josh (Josh Phillips) 1
iam4rcr3 (Wade Higginbotham) 1
VLR_WVDirt 1
VLR_Dude 1
VLR_Tink (Tink Schultz) 1
1ND1ANA (Dave) 1
Doit 15 1
EVR_5rf (Rod) 1
Rodney 1
GnS*Tyner (Jay Tyner) 1
KsT_Rocket 1
GLH_Villain (Jacob Hart) 1
GLH_Titan (Bill Bradley) 1
OAS_1c (Chad Johnson) 1
VLR_Bubba (Tommy Rowe, Jr.) 1
KsT_Mike 1
XRT_Pyrate (Kevin Moody) 1
JCR_Xpress (Johnny Chambers) 1
Tyree_59 (Christen Tyree) 1

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